Bringing Advanced Data Technologies to Healthcare and Education

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 Our Expertise

We believe the best technologies is not best until it is used in a right way

Data Analytics

We collect and analyze data created by millions of interaction by real people.

Predictive Modelling

Clinilead expertise is in building practical and predictive data modelling to get answers for key Questions

Advanced Insights

 Clinilead provides in-depth Insights about  insights about user pattern, behavior and segmentaions

EdTech Content Delivery

From interactive Video classes to complex Questions, our Content team creates state of the art education content

Personalized Learning

Using Advanced Algorithm our Products analyze student’s performance carefully and  deliver super personalized learning

Goal Tracking

Our Teachers and Subject Experts track each student’s performance closely and help students to excel.

Every Single action by users creates lots of valuable data 

For Clinics data can give insights to Turn Patient Relationship Management a indispensable tool that both Doctors and Patients Love

For EdTech Products, Data will tell more about the nature of learner, not just strength and Weakness by topics, but how to turn Weakness to strength

About Clinilead Technologies

Who we are?

Clinilead Technologies is a Singapore Based technology company. We are working mainly on Education and Healthcare Segments

What is our Mission?

To use best Technologies and make positive difference in peoples life from learning to delivering quality care.

All about our Team – Our core Strength

We are a Global Team with passionate people who loves Data Analytics, Machine Learning, EdTech Content Creation, Teaching and many more. 

Our Investors

Clinilead Investors are from Singapore. Our Investors are also our mentors to direct us in the right direction

And Everything Else…

Clinilead Technologies is working to launch more than 10 brands by 2022. Some of our brands like Aeiser is in service. Our Clinilead Team also serving Healthcare Segment to turn Patient Relationship management easy, affordable and meaningful. We target to launch PRM Product by 2022

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